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InCyS 4.0 succesfully pilot tested the e-course in Greece

Hellenic Mediterranean University pilot tested the course in Greece with students with big success. 43 participants have enrolled into the course, 35 of them have completed it and 28 of them have answered the final evaluation questionnaire.

After evaluating the participants answers to the questionnaires, the following conclusions were reached:
- Most participants found the course well documented and helped them to acquire knowledge.
- Few participants suggested that the use of videos should help them understand the course better. Some of them also asked for more practical examples

The INCYS 4.0 e-learning course consists of three modules:
- Industrial Systems: Components and Characteristics
- Security Concepts in Industrial Environments. Integration of IT/OT
- CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) in Industrial Environments

Furthermore, at the end of each module, some practical examples were added, in order to make the course more concrete.

Each module has been implemented according to the commitments described in the project proposal. In order to characterize the participation to the program as successful, participants had to:
a) Read thoroughly and understand the content of each module. Each module is split into smaller units. At the end of each unit, the participant must answer to an activity (with a minimum 80% correct score) in order to move to the next unit.
b) At the end of each module, the participant must answer a questionnaire regarding the module he/she has just successfully finished.
c) When the participant finishes successfully the three modules, he/she must also answer a more generic questionnaire regarding the whole course.

A participant is considered as successful only in the case that he/she met all the aforementioned conditions.